Copying Content From Microsoft Word to Your Manila Site

Most Windows based Manila users are aware of a huge problem with copying content directly from Microsoft Word to their Manila sites. It's not just a Manila problem. It's a general problem with any system that uses a browser-based WYSIWYG editor.

The Problem

When you copy text from Word (Windows version only) and paste it into your website, the resulting page is riddled with random tags and other oddities.

The Solution

A solution is to use Notepad to clean the content before placing it on websites. It's not a perfect solution but it does get rid of all the hidden font and formating information that MS Word tries to pass on.

notepadiconAfter you have copied your content from Microsoft Word, open Notepad (usually it's found under StartMenu>Programs>Accessories) Once opened, paste in your content. This cleans out the hidden fonts and formating information. Copy this clean content out of Notepad and then paste it onto your website.

This method works well for removing the awful mess that Word leaves behind, but it's not completely ideal. For example, your bolds and bullets will be lost. You need to do a follow up edit with your WYSIWYG to put that information back into the content.

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