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David Dickinson:

Research Area
Early literacy development, Professional development

Dr. David K. Dickinson is a leading expert in the field of early literacy. Due to his considerable interest in early literacy, he has served on numerous advisory boards and spoken to many gatherings of teachers and educational leaders.  Dickenson's interest in helping preschool teachers better support childrenís language and literacy development resulted in a longitudinal study of the language and literacy development of low-income children. Results of this study, launched in 1987 with Dr. Catherine Snow, are shared in Dr. Dickinsonís book Beginning Literacy with Language: Young Children Learning at Home and School (Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., 2001)


After five years of teaching in elementary schools in the Philadelphia area, he attended Harvard's Graduate School of Education specializing in language and cognitive development and later helped lead teacher education programs at Tufts University and Clark University. In 1994, in collaboration with colleagues in the Center for Children & Families in EDC, Dr. Dickenson began developing an approach to helping preschool teachers more effectively support childrenís language and literacy called LEEP (Language Environment Enrichment Project). He has reported his research in numerous articles and chapters and in 2001 co-edited Handbook of Early Literacy Research (Guilford Press) with Susan B. Neuman.

Dickinson has also directed the New England Research Center on Head Start Quality (NEQRC), one of the four Quality Research Centers funded by Head Start.  The NEQRC is examining the impact of Head Start on children's language and literacy development and its impact on families, with special attention being given to the development of children whose first language is Spanish.

Currently Dr. Dickenson is continuing to study approaches to helping preschool better foster children's language development and studying the effects of combining a strong content-rich curriculum with professional development designed to help teachers support children's language growth. 


Selected Publications

Books, Curriculum and Research Tools:

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Selected Recent Articles and Chapters:

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