Conflict Mediation Training for Middle Schools and High Schools

Who Should Attend?

Teams of two staff and four students are strongly recommended. A minimum team of one staff person and two - four students will be accepted.

About the training:

Conflict and violence are escalating problems in Kern County schools, as they are elsewhere. The purpose of a conflict mediation program is to train students to help their peers think of ways to solve problems for themselves in a peaceful manner.

Part I, staff will receive "basic training" in planning and implementing a conflict mediation program and will be introduced t the specific conflict mediation process of the middle school/high school. Do not bring students to Part I.

Part II, staff and students will learn how to:

  1. identify and overcome communication barriers;
  2. train other students in active listening and the conflict management process
  3. understand confidentiality and reporting requirements; 
  4. develop an action plan for on-going training at their school site, and
  5. set up a conflict mediation program at the school site.

Registration Fees:

There are no fees for staff from schools that are members of the Kern County Substance Abuse Prevention Education (KCSAPE) Partnership. The fee for nonmembers is $100/person. This fee includes all workshop materials.

Training location and dates:

September 2007 Part 1 Staff only
October 2007-Part 2 Staff and Students
Check the Prevention Workshop Calendar. Flyers will be sent to all principals.


Daryl G. Thiesen, Prevention Programs Coordinator at (661) 636-4757, email:


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