Helpful Hints for School Staff Members

  1. Student Assistant Team Coordinator should conduct weekly follow-up of TRP referrals that may include student/parent conferences on an as needed basis.
  2. Do not threaten student/parent with criminal prosecution.
  3. Avoid making harsh, overly negative or authoritarian comments to student.
  4. Understand the student's home environment through home calls, parent conference, etc.
  5. Coordinate on a regular basis with TRP officer.
  6. Praise the student as attendance improves, even for minor changes.
  7. Inform student's teacher of refereral to TRP.
  8. Understand that head lice are not viewed under the TRP guidelines as a truancy issue.
  9. Develop a policy and a letter to parents/guardians addressing student tardiness and excused absences as a problem that interferes with the student's progress in school.  Inform parents of their legal obligation to compel school attendance (California Penal Code 272-Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor) and advise them that cash aid payments can be reduced if the child does not meet the 90% minimum attendance requirement under the CalWorks program.
  10. Relize that TRP cannot be the school's only response to truancy.  Unless other positive interventions are attempted in the school setting, the outcome will be limited.


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