Red Ribbon Week Offers Opportunity to Promote Youth Drug Prevention

Free Campaign Resources Available

Starting Today, more than 80 million youth and adults nationwide will display or wear red ribbons in honor of Red Ribbon Week (RRW), held annually from October 22-31. RRW provides an opportunity for youth, parents and communities to show their support for and commitment to drug prevention. This year’s RRW theme is "Plant the Promise to Keep Kids Drug Free."

Since 1986, RRW has raised public awareness and has brought communities together to combat alcohol and drug use among youth. The red ribbon was adopted as a symbol to honor Enrique "Kiki" Camarena, a federal agent who was kidnaped and killed while investigating drug traffickers. Since 1988, the National Family Partnership has led the RRW initiative, building broad participation in communities across America.

To help assist you in RRW participation, the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign offers the following online resources: - A Web site for parents where a free "21 Parenting Tips" brochure may be downloaded in English or Spanish. This Campaign site also includes instructions about how parents can sign up to receive free periodic parenting tips via e-mail. - Aimed at youth, this Campaign Web site provides youth with information that helps empower kids to make the right decisions about drug use. - This Campaign site provides information and links to Campaign initiatives, advertising, information resources and partnership opportunities for youth- and parent-serving groups and other organizations and coalitions.

In addition to online resources, the Campaign offers free drug prevention materials, including posters and brochures, which are available by calling (800) 788-2800.

For more information on Red Ribbon Week activities, check out or And don’t forget to pin on a red ribbon to demonstrate your commitment to supporting a drug-free lifestyle.


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ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN: The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy’s National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign targets youth ages 9-18 - especially middle-school adolescents - parents, and other adults who influence choices young people make to lead drug-free lives.

To get the word out across every economic and cultural boundary, the Campaign uses a mix of modern communications techniques to educate and empower young people to reject illicit drugs. The Campaign also teams up with civic and non-profit organizations, faith-based groups and private corporations to enlist and engage people in prevention efforts at school, at work and at play. For more information on the Media Campaign, check out

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