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Posted: 5/12/2006; 10:29:31 AM
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What is MAA all about?

 MAA reimburses County Offices of Education, school districts, and community colleges for the Medi-Cal Administrative Activities that they may be already doing.   For example, time spent referring students to health care services during School Attendance Review Board (SARB) meetings, Student Study Team (SST), Crisis Intervention Meetings, and IEP’s may be billable through MAA.

What kind of reimbursement are we speaking of?

• Example of program staff that might perform MAA activities:
• Special Education Staff
• Nurses, Health clerks, Health aids
• School Psychologist, Counselors
• Speech Language Pathologists
• Healthy Start Staff Members
• Child Development Programs
• State Preschool Programs
• Principals, Administrators
• Teachers, Teachers Aides and Clerical Staff
• Superintendent (if not an elected official)

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