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Posted: 10/11/2000; 4:35:03 PM
Topic: County Co-op
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The County Co-op was formed to coordinate some instructional services for small districts. The school districts involved in the Co-op are: 

Belridge School District
Blake School District
ButtonwillowUnion School District
Caliente Union School District
Di Giorgio School District
Elk Hills School District
Linns Valley-Poso Flat School District
Maricopa Unified School District
Maple School District
McKittrick School District
Pond Union School District
Semitropic School District

Each of these small districts participates in the Co-op by choice.  Services provided by KCSOS include completion/submission of the district's Consolidated Application, and support and guidance with regard to the updating of the district's LEA Plan, categorical compliance, budget issues, as well as other matters pertinent to small schools.  Participating districts pay an annual membership fee.

For further information, please contact Sherrill Young, Co-Op Consultant at (661) 636-4334 or Cathie Morris, Coordinator at 636-4593.

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