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Common Name:
Red Fox

Scientific Name:
Vulpes vulpes

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Red Fox


What's new at the Zoo?


The Cats of California Exhibit is now open.

Mountain lion:  bobcat:
Willow                                                                                    Coco


Make a lasting impression at the Cats of California Exhibit
by purchasing a tile to be permanently mounted in the viewing area of the exhibit.

Mt. Lion Overview 10.28:
Photo taken October 28, 2010
(Click the image to view the progress of the new exhibit)



Sage pumpkin:

(Click the image to view her story)




(Click the image to view her story)



Toddler Tales

Toddler Tales 2011:

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Father's Day

Father's Day 2011:


Twilight at CALM

Twilight 2011:


Kids Free Day at CALM


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