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Kern County School-to-Career

Putting Knowledge to Work!

Albert Einstein failed mathematics, yet he became a great scientist. Winston Churchill did poorly at schoolwork, yet he became a great leader. Thomas Edison was beaten at school for poor performance, yet he became the most prolific inventor of all time. Einstein, Churchill and Edison all learned in different ways, but found strategies to equip themselves to succeed. Kern County's Partnerships Plus! is a multifaceted approach to School-to-Career that addresses the preparation of all Kern County students to become productive adults and lifelong learners.

In October 1994, a group of 11 officials began meeting to discuss local implementation of the School-to-Work Opportunities Act. They represented Employers' Training Resource, Kern County Superintendent of Schools, Kern/South Tulare County Tech Prep Consortium, Kern Community College system, Channel 17 Television, California State University Bakersfield, the construction trades and various school districts. This group began to build partnerships among business representatives and educators to establish the School-to-Career (STC) system in Kern County. Their mission was "to implement a fully coordinated and adaptable educational and training system for Kern County in which all students will have opportunities to develop high skill, high wage careers within the workforce, and to develop higher levels of skills needed for lifelong learning."

Under the direction of Sandra Mittelsteadt, Program Coordinator, School-to-Career in Kern County provides opportunities and connections for students to help them prepare for their futures. While creating a path to successful learning, students prove to be successful in meeting the challenges of living in our society today, and in the future.

STC is based on five fundamental beliefs:

  • All students can learn;
  • Learning is relevant to what is needed in the workplace;
  • Students need to apply what they learn;
  • Students should have the opportunity to explore career options, choose courses and activities that are meaningful to their career goals;
  • Students should have the opportunity to experience the world of work.

Key strategies for implementation of school-based, work-based, and connecting activities include:

  • Career Academies
  • Kern County Museum School
  • Service Learning
  • Virtual Business Enterprises
  • Career Plus! Centers
  • Groundhog Job Shadow Day
  • Teacher Curriculum Training
  • Coordination of PathFinder in Local Schools
  • Tech Prep
  • Junior Achievement
  • Coordination of Activities with the Local Business Community

    "There aren't two worlds – education and work.
    There is one world – life"

    Willard Wirtz, former Secretary of Labor

For further information, please contact the local STC office at:

    315 East 18th Street
    Bakersfield, CA 93305
    Phone: 661-852-5713
    Fax: 661-852-5710


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